5 Free Ways To Start To Change Your Life Today

The personal development market today is awash with ways to change life and that comes in so many forms and is big business. From a simple book or digital download course to 5 days in the jungle taking plant medicines or hiring a $120,000 / £89,000 a year personal coach. The list goes on and up from there. So what if you have limited time and a limited budget? Does this mean personal growth and development is not accessible for you? Answer  –  hell no! Or to put it another way, It most certainly is accessible and in many forms. In this blog I have put together 5 free ways to start to change your life today.


Yes you read it right. Breathing! I thought i’d start off with an easy one, something we all do everyday right ? Well yes maybe. But proper breathing exercises can help will all kinds of things. Here are a few of them, reduced stress and anxiety, helping get to sleep, increased energy, increased mental clarity and calmness. From as little as 5 minutes a day you can start to improve your life. You can find all the videos you would ever need on You Tube –  just type in ‘breathing techniques’ and you have started to change your life.

Here is a link to a great, short video called  –  Breath – five minutes can change your life 


Another simple one. Firstly journaling is not keeping a diary. It’s a record of your thoughts, feelings and perceptions each day. It can be done at the start of the day, end of the day or even throughout the day. I know people who just write quick notes on their phones on a regular basis during the day. These days with our busy lives we can get those thought running around in our heads that just need to be released. Journaling is a way to get them out of your head to leave space for new thoughts. Or as one of my mentors puts it ‘pulling out the weeds so the flowers can grow’. Regular journaling has given me a surprising amount of insight and clarity.

Increased knowledge

Personal development and changing your life is all about growth. In short, if you want to change something you have to change something! Increasing your knowledge a little everyday is a sure fire winner on the road to changing your life. This is a really easy one as it can be done by free apps, reading, podcasts, watching videos on You Tube or even listening to audio books. Once again from as little as 10minutes a day you can start to increase your knowledge and personal growth. This can be done in the morning, in the evening, in the car, on the bus or train or walking. With this one there is really no excuse!!

Here is a link to a free app from my mentors and coaches Guy and Ilan which even has a free 10 part mini-masterclass to get your personal growth journey started. Click hereYes, Let Me Have Access To The Free App


Ok let’s get one things straight, Meditation doesn’t have to be hours of sitting in a painful position listening to strange music and having no thoughts !! Maybe after a few years yes, but to start with definitely not. Taking a few minutes out each day to sit (comfortably), switch yourself off from the electronic outside world and be in silence can have many far reaching effects. When I started, i’ll be honest, I hated it. Ten minutes of mind racing boredom, but that is part of the journey. As time goes by this goes away. Now I rarely go a day without it. I almost always use guided meditations from either You Tube or apps like Insight Timer and Calm. The benefits of meditation are far reaching but there are plenty of people that are way more qualified than me to talk about it. Check out the link below for a load more information on the benefits of meditation.



Well you must have known this one was coming! There are thousands of video, apps and articles on the benefits of exercise and free routines to do at home or even in the park or garden. What I want to stress here is, do what suits you. Will power for most people will only take you so far. It might get you started, but it is enjoyment that will keep you going. Personally I hate running so I don’t do it. Choose something you enjoy and go for that. Another great way to stay on track with exercise is to get an exercise partner or buddy. Being accountable to someone else is a great motivator.

Those are my 5 free ways to start to change your life today. You don’t have to do all of these things every day. However a combination of two or three of three things could have a positive impact and start to change your life for the better. It won’t happen overnight but if you can keep up whatever new practises you choose for 30 days –  you will notice things start to change for you.

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Have a great day



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