Why Have A Mentor?

Being and entrepreneur or business owner requires a lot of determination, strong mental attitude and large amounts of bounce-back-ablility. Which has always brought me to the question, where does the entrepreneur turn when he or she runs out of those things. The answer is to a coach or mentor. I for years was guilty of being the lone-wolf type and wanting to do it all myself, but this is not a good state of mind. I now have mentors, and I now see why there are many reasons to have a mentor.

: someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person

1  – Knowledge and experience

Mentors are people who have been through what you are going through. They have experienced the high and the lows. They have come across the problems and hit the walls and got around or over them. Then have come out on the other relatively unscathed, we hope ! They often have that little nugget of information that you have been searching for that suddenly sets you of and running again in the right direction.

2 – Motivation

You can be the most motivated person in the world, but there are always times when a little word of encouragement goes a long way. A mentor is there to keep you moving along. To keep you on track and moving forward to your next goal or landmark so you feel like you are achieving something and your own personal motivation remains intact. Or of course when you flat out don’t want to carry on your mentor is there to give some slightly more pointed and direct ‘motivation’. Whatever it takes they are there to keep you going.

3 – Personal Growth

So you are on the right track, but what is going to take you to the next level? Most of us operate within our comfort zone, we may take the odd risk every now and then but these are  usually risks we have chosen to take on. This is where your mentor comes in. To stretch you, to take you further than you have been before. To uncover your true ability and get you to run with it.

“If you want something you’ve never had. You must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”― Thomas Jefferson

4  – Accountability

One of the very top reasons to have a mentor, is this one would be it. It’s so easy for us to be accountable to ourselves because we will agree with ourselves when we find a reason not to do whatever it is we were supposed to do. Having to be accountable to a mentor and do what we said we would , that is a whole different ball game. Accountability alone will keep you on the right path.

5  – Network 

Your mentor is likely to have a whole network of connections you can tap into. People within your industry or chosen field that can also help you further your business, or guide you int the right direction. This also once again comes down to problem. Your mentor may know just the person to help you with something you have been stuck on.

The inspiration for this article came from a call with a mentor this morning. I had been wrestling with a problem with a supplier that had started, in my head, to get out of control. It was also effecting other parts of my business. After a two minute chat, the problem dissolved. Back on track ! There are many reasons to have a mentor, I highly recommend you do. At the very least you will save yourself hours of sleep.

Have a great day.


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