Right Things To Do When Choosing An Online Business

Many of us these days are turning to the internet to look for an online business. This could be for many reasons, more freedom, more time at home with the family or possibly more time to travel. You might want to replace your income or to add to some additional income. Whatever your own personal reason is, an online business could be a great idea. However, if you have never looked for, or had, an business online before is it is fair to say it is a shark tank out there, and very easy to be led down the wrong path. Believe me I am speaking from experience. To help you find the right opportunity. Here are 5 right things to do when choosing and online business.

1 – Avoid greed (yours)

It may sound strange but if you go out there with this in your mind you are a sitting duck for the businesses that are trying to get your money. This will lead you to the ‘get rich quick schemes’, the ‘make a fortune by next week’ schemes, the ponzi schemes and all the other variations of these. Think of your search in terms of something you might physically go out shopping for. For example if you went to a Porsche dealership and they told you you could have one for half price and another free. You are likely to immediately think  ‘what’s the catch ?’. The Internet is no different. Don’t be in a rush to get rich quick or buy into the first deal that comes along offering huge returns for a small ingoing. Understand that a proper opportunity will take some time, effort and / or financial commitment.

2 – Decide what it is you really want.

Before you go online looking take a bit of time to decide what it is you really want from an online business. You should have a rough idea what kind of business it is you want to do. There are thousands of different options from affiliate marketing to ebay or amazon selling. Many people avoid this step. Take some time, you will end up saving yourself hours in the end and probably a lot of money. Developing a business out of a hobby or interest you already have is a great idea too. The possibilities are endless, and doing something you are passionate about will make it a lot easier.

3 – Check out the company and people.

Once you have come across something you think might be right for you do some research into the company and people behind it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms are useful, as is google and other search engines. Also check out how easily contactable the company and people that run it are. You are looking for openness and good communication channels. Warning ! Do not take one bad review or article about that particular company as being the truth. Anybody can write anything they like on the internet and you can’t please all of the people all of the time. There are also many long and very detailed negative reviews out there written by people purely to promote their own product.You are looking to build up a picture of the company using various channels and information. 

4 – Is there a support network or community that you can be part of.

If you are like me and were not born into the digital age it is important and helpful to have others to turn to in times of need, and at times when is seems to all bit too overwhelming. Last night I was on a call online with four other people as part of a mastermind group. Masterminding and support networks are so powerful as everybody has something different to offer and  you can all be supportive of each other’s journey. Let’s face it, we all need a little boost every now and then.

“Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher” – Oprah Winfrey.

5 – Money back guarantee.

Does the company offer an easy an transparent money back guarantee. If you have found a package you want to buy or a company you want to part of or you are buying a start-up package, a trial period is a good way to get going.With a trial period or money back guarantee you know that if you feel it is not right for you, you can get most or all of your money back within a reasonable period of time. 30 to 60 days is quite common.

Ok so there you have it.Those are my 5 right things to do when choosing and online business. My last word is don’t be lazy ! If you are expecting it to not take some time and effort and some action then it is probably not for you.

Here is a link to a video from one of my online mentors explaining about the business system that got me started online and a lot more about how many people are benefiting from a change to an online lifestyle, click here  – show me the video.

Have a great day.


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