What Are The 7 Great Reasons For Working Online.

More and more people these day are making the move and working from home or looking to start-up their online business. If you are now considering or have ever considered a digital lifestyle here are 7 great reasons for working online.

Time Flexibility

We all know the feeling of the daily grind and routine, rushing around and never really seeming to have enough time to fit everything in.  Working online allows you the flexibility to fit work and life together. Yes there are times when you will have do to specific things by a given time, but in general, you get to choose your hours. Plus you don’t have to work from home. For the majority of the time as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection –  you’re at work !

Choose Your Passion

I’d rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate. – George Burns

Many of the great life and personal development coaches and mentors will tell you the easiest way to riches is to follow your passion. One of my favourites T Harv Eker says ‘follow your passion and the money comes”. For most of us this would take some work and a lot of re-organisation. However when working online you can use your passion to make money. There are literally thousands and thousands of opportunities out there in every niche. Go and have a look.What is your passion ? Could you use it as leverage to earn online?


There are many many different ways to make money online. You may want to sell your own products or somebody else’s as part of an affiliate program, or you may have a certain skill or talent that somebody will pay for. The possibilities really are endless. I personally started online by becoming and affiliate marketer. This just means you market and sell other people’s products there are millions of products out there to sell. It meant for me I could start straight away. You can find out exactly how you can start and internet business and live life on your terms by clicking here –  start an internet business

Earning Potential

The online market is 24 hours a day 365 days a year there is always somebody out there looking for what you have. The market place is currently estimate at 2 billion people and growing. That’s a lot of earning potential. Working online, you really do get back what you put in.

You Are Your Own Boss

Yes that’s right you are the boss!  You get to choose hours, pay, conditions, perks, uniform and you are not likely to find yourself breathing down your own neck. I have to say discipline around your uniform is needed. Being sat in your work space still in your Pj’s at 5pm can and will happen if you are no careful. Believe me I have been there !

Travel and Time Off

Travel can mean a couple of things. First of all you don’t have the travel time to and from work. For some of you this can be a considerable amount of time each day wasted.  Also because you may genuinely want to travel more, when you work online you can do this as you can take your work with you. Consequently time off can be scheduled for when it suits you and not your boss. Also you don’t have the yearly battle over the holiday calendar.

Health and Wellbeing 

“The greatest wealth is health.” ~Virgil

This really is for me one of the really great reasons for working online. Most importantly you don’t have to put up wth the negative influences of others and the workplace politics are not there, unless you count the evil stare form the cat. Also diet and eating is more healthy and less rushed. Your exercise can be scheduled into your working hours and you know it wont be subject to change at the last minute. A work space that works for you can be created therefore making you feel more at ease. You won’t be surrounded by illnesses and viruses. In conclusion I could go on but all of these reasons lead to a happier, healthier more productive and efficient you. Most of all they are all great reasons for working online.

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