How To Set Your Goals

We have all heard about or read about goal setting. How you have to have a goal or won’t get anywhere. Or if you don’t have a goal you don’t know where you are going. I first cam across the ideas of goal setting when I was 19 on a sales course when I was travelling Australia, 28 years ago! It intrigued me at the time and then confused me for years after. I found as I started to dig into the subject it became more confusing. After years of trying different ways, I think I have figured out how to set your goals, and I have condensed it down to a 5 step process.

Step 5 – Your ultimate or dream goal.

Firstly, think big let your mind and your imagination go wild. If money, time and commitments were no object what would you be doing? What would life look like ? Take a minute visualise it then write it down in detail. Let all of your senses take over. What can you see, feel, touch, smell and hear ?

Step 4  – Next your long term goal.

Take on step back. What will your life look like and feel like just before you are ready to take the next step to your ultimate goal? What are you doing, where to do you live? How much do you earn, if that is important to you? Take a minute to visualise that and write it down. Once again make sure your senses take over. Take yourself on a magical mental journey.

Step 3 – Now your mid-term goal

Take one step back again. This should be not too far in the future, maybe a year or so. How does your ideal life look and feel a year from now, what has changed? What have you managed to achieve over last year?  Take a minute to visualise it and write it down in detail, include feelings and emotion, sights , sounds and smells. Imagine how you would feel about what you have achieved so far. Feel that warm glow of happiness for the moment you are in and excitement for the next step.

Step 2 –  Short term goal

One step back again.  Now your are looking a 3 to six months. What have you achieved, what differences have you made to your life  in that relatively small amount of time? What actions have to taken and what positive affect have they had on your life? Visualise it and write it down. This is a new process you are getting into so give yourself some credit for what you have done so far.

Step 1 – Today

The most important of all of the steps. This is how to set your goals so you can achieve them. What are you going to do today to start moving towards steps 2. All of the above a great but none of it will happen unless you start today taking action towards step 2, one step at at time. Break it down into small chunks an start working towards it. Decide on your action plan and keep working towards, it’s all about small steps everyday. Think of it as building a bridge between step 1 and step 2. Then when you get to step 2 do the same. Keep step 2 in your mind look at every morning and evening and keeping moving towards it.

With this process you can dream big but start small. Achieve a series of smaller goals on the way to achieving you ultimate goal. I have found that taking small steps and achieving your goal on a regular basis is more inspiring. If you want to discuss how to set your goals in more depth, feel free to contact me or comment below.

A final note.

My goal for last year was to give myself more time, geographical and financial freedom, through creating and online business. By using the above process at the beginning of the year and setting our clear steps I have been able to achieve most of what I set out to do, the rest is not far away. Within a short period of me taking the first steps towards an online business, I found a company called SFM (six figure mentors) which has been perfect. I believe there is a huge amount of opportunity out there for people who are willing to take the first steps and have a look. Click the box below to give yourself the opportunity to have a look into the online world free for 30days.

Have a great year.



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