Is Your Goal Big Enough?

I have recently achieved a long held goal of mine.  I thought I would be happy having achieved it, and I am, but it did set off a  whole load of other questions in my mind. Questions about whether or not I am setting my sights high enough, and about how I am showing up in life? Am I playing a big enough game? Who is benefitting from my goals? 

My Recent Goal

After visiting the beautiful island of Ibiza for nearly thirty years, it became a goal of mine over the last few years to come and live here. Maybe you think this isn’t such a huge goal. It does take some planning though. Mainly in the area of how I was going to support myself once safely deposited here on the island. So many people drift here without an thought of the future and how to support themselves. I didn’t want to be one of those people. I was working in the property industry,  but I knew that my level of Spanish would never stand up to what was needed to do that kind of work here. Then, as always, seemingly out of nowhere, an opportunity presented itself to me. An online business. I had no experience and had never considered it, but if it meant the key to my freedom. I was prepared to throw myself into it, so I did. After a few months of working my job and my new online business I took the plunge and moved to Ibiza – mission accomplished. Or was it ?

       “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals”. Zig Ziglar

What Next?

So what next ? I was happy here, but there were now two nagging thoughts in my head. Firstly was the feeling of what do I do now? As my whole recent life had been focussed on this one aim. The other thought was, have I been thinking big enough? The answers were simple, firstly set another goal and secondly, no, most definitely not ! 100 % No ! I hadn’t been thinking big enough. Getting here had made me completely re-think what I should and could be capable of.  It also made me wonder if this is how I have been showing up in my life. This along with the fact that I could not only work from here now I work online, but I could work from anywhere spurred me on to start thinking big !

My New Goal

I started to think of new goals with the words ‘think big’ ringing in my head. I had also had another light bulb moment or epiphany. Who was I going to serve with this new big goal ? My thoughts had moved away from it being about me and on to it being about others. I decided to show up in the world as a level 10 person, but not for me, for others. I now have this new goal and it’s massive, huge and I have no idea how to achieve, but I have a plan. Plus I know if I only achieve 10% of it, I would have massively impacted thousands of lives. I’m going to work on bringing clean drinking water to as many people in the world as I possibly can. Even If I only manage 1 person. I know that is one life I have massively impacted. It’s a huge challenge. 

663 million people – 1 in 10 – lack access to safe water (

2.4 billion people – 1 in 3 – lack access to a toilet (
The Changes Keep Coming

Recently I was being interviewed for an online blog and happened to mention about my new goal to the interviewer. By another amazing twist of fate the lady has been previously talking to someone who is starting up a community water project in Kenya. I am now in regular contact with the guy and plan to do whatever I can to help, along with some friends who have joined my mission. I believe none of this would have happened if it hadn’t a) started thinking bigger, b) made my new bigger goals about serving others and c) started my online business.

So, Is Your Goal Big Enough ?

Ask yourself the question, is your goal big enough ? If not think bigger, then think again. Let your imagination go. Think about what fires you up. What would you do if money was not object? I have also discovered another benefit from this big thinking. I know have loads of other smaller goals which now seem kind of insignificant and easily achievable. Goals that in the past I would have considered big. 

Go ahead, do it today. Start thinking big, really big and if you can, make it about others.

Have a great day.


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