My Road To Starting An Online Business And Realising A Dream

They say it is all about the journey and not the destination, and that there are no straight lines in the universe.. I certainly know my road to starting an online business and realising a dream and a life with more freedom and passion certainly was not a direct one. In fact, until a year ago I didn’t even know anything about online business. I was convinced I knew how my journey to my dream was going to go. I was SO wrong, and am very pleased to say that I was wrong. 

The beginning of my journey…

I have always been someone who wanted to get the most out of life. I always wanted to make sure I didn’t have the words “I wish I had….” with my last breath. Most recently the thing I didn’t want to regret was not spending some time living in Ibiza. I had been coming for years and always felt it was a special place for me. One of those things you can’t really describe a feeling of completeness inside I always got whenever I was here. So I decided a few years ago to focus my efforts on getting myself here to live out my passion and dream. 

                                  “The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” Anthony Robbins

The middle of that journey

I was in the property business and always thought that would be the way I would get myself to Ibiza. Flip a couple of small properties, get some buy-to-lets, maybe do some summer rentals. So I started with a small property in Ibiza, bought it renovated and sold it. That was an interesting experience from 1200 miles away and in a different language! I rented it for a few years and that was good. Then I decided to move the properties a bit closer to home, the next one was in England. Which all seemed fine, I bought it off a contact got it renovated and found a buyer in two weeks, brilliant. My plan was working. 

The end of that journey…

So I had my buyer and I decide to go on holiday to Ibiza and maybe look for a new project. While I was on holiday I had a call from the agent dealing with my sale saying the house was being damaged. Local kids getting in to the garden, throwing stones at the windows and generally making a mess. So as I was only 10 days away from completion this was a major worry. It was whilst I was going through the process of getting 24 hour security sorted that I thought ‘is this really what I want? Do I really want to be dealing with these problems in the future on holiday oe at all. This was In April 2016 .

The beginning of a new journey….

So I started to think about a business that would be more flexible and give me more freedom. A business that wasn’t rooted to one spot. Something kids couldn’t throw stones at! Most of all something I could do from Ibiza, or indeed anywhere in the world. That is when I started looking around at my online options. My road to starting an online business and realising a dream had begun. After a few more final twists and turns, and dead ends, my old journey ended and a new one began. I have found the perfect fit, or it had found me ! Full online training, education and support. A community to be part of, ultimate flexibility and something that is very important to me a company that has a genuine goal to change people’s lives.

The now…..

I’m sitting here writing this on my laptop, overlooking the West coast of Ibiza. Which is amazing as a year agoI was a bricks and mortar business guy! No tech background, no website design background, no blogging background, the list goes on. My goal for this article is hopefully to inspire at least one person and show them there are options out there online. Even if you, like me, weren’t born into the digital age ! You can do this. It is a reality and more and more people are, of all ages and all backgrounds. 


The image at the top of this blog was taken me about two weeks ago. I know get to choose to watch the sunset, knowing I can run my business around my life. Your choice of what you do will probably be different to mine. Ultimately it all comes down to one thing  – more time freedom to do the things we choose or want to do. Starting an online business has given me that and it could do the same for you. 

Have a great day.


PS  –  You can find find out more about how you can start your own online business by clicking this link –  Yes, send me information! You will receive a free video series all about the online market and how you get started from scratch.

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