SFM Membership Options

$297 Enrollment Fee 

$97 per month


This is our entry level membership option. Whether you’re new to Internet marketing and don’t have any products/ services to sell, have an existing idea/ business you want to promote, or want to maximize your income doing both, Basic Membership lets you dive into the SFM platform and start having a good look around. You’ll have immediate access to the Getting Started step-by-step module so you can really try things on for size. In addition to accessing the full force of the SFM Business Features, included in your Basic Membership are a host of valuable digital tools to make the technical side of things hassle-free:


$2500 per year

(Must Purchase Essential First)


The Elite Membership option is designed for people who want to level up their entrepreneurial journey with expert private coaching in online marketing and advertising. You’ll have access to advanced insights and video training, plus a value-packed live Elite Mastermind webinar each month. Hosted by SFM founders Jay or Stuart, these Mastermind sessions will give you the edge over your competitors. You’ll get the latest strategies that are killing it in the world of online marketing, live Q&A so you can get the scoop and (optional) 30 Day Challenges that will fast track you and other Elites to new heights of digital success. This level of education and mentorship would typically cost many thousands of dollars.

The price for the Elite Package is just $2,500 per year, along with your standard monthly membership fee of $97 per month. You’ll need to qualify for the Basic Package first, as the digital tools and Getting Started modules that come with it are an essential foundation.

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