Which Is Better?

It is no secret that the property market has had it’s ups and downs over the past few years. Depending on where you live  –  mostly downs ! As with all market fluctuations there are always winners and losers. These recent property market changes have been well documented by the media and much commentary has been written about them. But what does it mean for your future if you work or invest in the property market ? The volatility of the property market over the past few years has made me look around at other options. One of which was an online business which prompted me to start thinking,is the property market or an online business better for my future ?

The Property Market?      

I worked in the property market for nearly 10 years both as a Real Estate Agent and with my own modest portfolio. After a few years of being in the business it seemed natural for me to start to build my own portfolio and to flip a few properties too. Like many people I had been spurred on by the likes of Robert Kiyosaki and his book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Plus another favourite mentor of mine T. Harv Eker. But, this was not a great time in the market . I joined it in 2008! Yes that’s right, the year of the crash. There was so much uncertainty, which still hasn’t gone away and financing suddenly became a very very tricky subject. As the years went on this affected both my job and my properties. That wasn’t all though. I noticed the rapidly changing face of how people bought and sold property. It was the rise of the online agent and it was spreading fast. The traditional type of high street  agents no longer having such a big share of the market. This is now more than just a trend it’s a seismic shift ! The article below illustrates the rapid rise of this new way of selling property. 

Purplebricks to take 10% of total market share in UK, says analyst, September 16, 2016. Rosalind Renshaw

An Online Business?

So after a couple of issues with tenants, financing and the market changes over the years. I started to feel in quite a vulnerable position. Like I had all of my eggs in one very unsteady basket. Surely Robert Kiyosaki wouldn’t agree with all of that risk in one place ? So I decided I would do what the property marketing had done and shift my focus to find a business I could do online. It didn’t take me long at all before I came across the affiliate marketing business model I now use. At first I continued with my job in the property industry, but I cut my portfolio down to just 1 property. Some of the money was used to re-skill and start from scratch! Get training and an education in the craft of online marketing. I know rare thinking people like you reading this right now will be able to relate to this. We are the kind of people that like to adapt, we are entrepreneurial. Always looking at the next opportunity.  We, I have learned, are called early adopters or early majority. See below. We see the opportunity and take it.


So, The Property Market Or An Online Business?

I now have a huge amount of gratitude for what my online business has brought me. The freedom and the freedom of choice I now have is something I never expected. I no longer worry about tenants, financing, viewing cancellations, landlords, having to answer my phone even when I am on holiday, insurances, taxes, vandalism, my deals falling through or any number of those other things that go with property business. My overheads are me, my laptop and my advertising. In truth I won’t ever truly turn my back on the market as I always loved the property flipping part, but my options are now far greater. The bonus is I now have my online business and with that has come the new skill set to properly market any properties I have in the future online. I also have the flexibility to be able to run my online business around any property business I may choose to do. The property market or an online business ? Online business right now – but probably both in the future !

Have a great day


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